Practice Partner and Patient Advocacy


Patient Advocate and Satisfaction

Great Lakes Health and Wellness was started by physicians and we understand  the challenges facing providers today. Our commitment is to ensure that their patients get the best quality care and products available.   We are carefully selected by our physician clients as a service partner in delivering products and services to their patients. Our business model is built on “life without limits” for our patients and collaborating with physicians to provide a standard of care that exceeds expectation.

Great Lakes Health & Wellness employees are healthcare professionals who are dedicated to serving the best interests of patients.  Our mission is to support patients in achieving optimum functionality and reaching their treatment and lifestyles goals to they can live life without limits. To ensure quality, we conduct patient satisfaction surveys on each product we deliver.  Our results speak to that commitment, and underscore the reason Great Lakes Health & Wellness maintains one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the healthcare industry.

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  • Authorization of benefits and patient contact secured in advance
  • In-home or in-office fitting services
  • Patient training on proper use and maintenance of our products
  • Patient compliance monitoring
  • 24/7 support
  • Insurance billing and collections

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