Great Lakes Health and Wellness

In 2012, Dr. Mary Peterson had a vision of providing more help to her patients through non-invasive, drug less methods so they could live their lives without limits.  She would get excellent results with treatments in the office but couldn't be there with her patients while they were at home.  Some simple activities of daily life such as house cleaning, driving, sitting, and sleeping, were aggravating her patients unstable spinal conditions.  In addition to home exercises, Dr. Peterson began prescribing at home management of pain with braces and electrotherapy. 

"My patients were so pleased with the results.  They didn't have to come into the office as frequently and were able to manage their conditions at home.  They had fewer flare-ups and were able to avoided surgery and drugs with the addition of home management through durable medical equipment."    


Our Mission

Our missions is simple but powerful.  Life Without Limits.  We will educate and inspire the residents of Palos Heights and the surrounding communities to live their lives as pain free as possible through non invasive, drug free options.